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The MiDeSt web site serves as a link to my various web photograph albums. The Flickr albums are gradually being extended to cover my photography from around 1967 to the present day. Most of the photographs are of buses, but there are also albums for Council Vehicles, Fire Appliances, Post Office and British Telecom, etc. in the ‘Commercial Vehicles’ category. There are also albums for various areas of Great Britain in the ‘City & Country’ category.

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8.1.1 July 2015

Basic web site issued

8.2.2  November 2016 Some Major Operators added

8.2.1  May 2016
Some Major Operators added;
Web links updated

8.2.3  October 2017
Southern / Western National
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Around Cardiff / Vale added

8.2.4  February 2018 Some Major Operators added; Web links updated

8.2.5  April 2018
Some operators added;
Buses by Bodywork and
Buses by Chassis pages added

8.2.6 June 2018
More Major Operators added
(e.g. Crosville Wales, Cumberland,

8.2.7 May 2019
More Major Operators added
(e.g. Bristol Omnibus Co., Wilts & Dorset (post 1983) and Lincolnshire R.C.C.) and web site hosting changed

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8.2.8 June 2019
East Yorkshire M.S., associated
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