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This page gives links to other web sites which may be of interest.

Other Web Sites of Interest

  Rev : 8.2.7. - May 2019

Cardiff & South Wales Trolleybus Project

The Project is committed to the restoration of former
Cardiff trolleybuses.

Click the link, left, to visit the Project’s web site.

Cardiff Transport Preservation Group

A group, based in the former Barry depot of Western Welsh, committed to the restoration and operation of buses originating in south Wales.

Post Office Vehicle Club

The Club is interested in the vehicles and operations
of Royal Mail and British Telecom and preservation
of their vehicles.

Red & White Group History

Richard Smith’s web site outlining the history of the
Red & White Group companies with listings of
all vehicles operated.

Glamorgan Archives

The Glamorgan Archives, situated opposite Sloper
Road bus depot in Cardiff, now has an online
searchable catalogue.

The Bus Archive

The Bus Archive, a joint PSV Circle and Omnibus Society venture dedicated to preserving historical documents relating to the bus industry.